Youva Gaudé

Game Programmer Portfolio

pdf here


2016 – Today

42, Paris. Tuition-free school with a great emphasis on teamwork and peer learning.


Baccalauréat STI2D, information and digital systems, (ISCED 3). High Honours.


Game Jams.

Several game jams, mostly made in Lua with Love2D. More about these on my portfolio.

42 cursus projects

Corewar, including an SDL visualizer.

A virtual arena where programs written in assembly fight each other.

Minirogue, game jam.

A rogue clone in Python made in less than 7 hours with a student from MINES ParisTech.

Lem-in, including an SDL visualizer.

A graph theory/pathfinding implementation about optimizing the moving of units from one point to another.

Push-swap, including an SDL visualizer.

An implementation of sorting algorithms with restrictive stack operations.

Previous experiences

Created an high school programming club.


Developed a snake in C with SDL. (First programming experience)

Technical skills

Proficient: C, SDL2, Vim, Lua, Git, Shell

Eager to learn or perfect: Python, C++, Rust


Music, Music Production, Japanese Culture

Game Design theory, Travel (Australia, Europe, Reunion Island)